Seed Production Software

The Challenge for You

In an industry that is heavily regulated, seed producers are faced with the challenge of striking the fine balance between guaranteeing the genetic purity of seed outputs and producing enough seed over time to sow a commercially viable crop.

Having to prove the origin and quality of a seed harvest places a burden on the producer.

Having to prove the origin and quality of a seed harvest places a burden on the producer. Traceability is required right back to field and farm where the seed was produced, and being able to demonstrate control of data integrity for each stage of the process is vital for certification. This is of particular importance if the producer is not the original owner of the seed variety, with accurate and auditable record-keeping being crucial for calculating royalties.

Seed production software helps in all aspects. A simple seed inventory system aids efficient seed management and processes. This applies to all manner of seed production technology, types and techniques.

The potential value of a genetically pure seed harvest and the large penalties for failing to manage the process and the paperwork correctly makes meeting these requirements of the utmost importance. You need to pick the right tools for the job – this can be the decider between profit or loss.

How We Can Help You

Thanks to many years of experience working with customers in the agricultural supply industry, Primetics combines tried-and-tested, adaptable and reliable distribution management technology with a range of specialist functions created to meet the specific demands of processing through seed production software.

  • Achieve total traceability for every batch of seed with inventory management – right back to the farm and field where they were produced.
  • Guarantee regulatory conformance thanks to in-depth sample management functionality, with all required reporting, certification, and recording of analyses.
  • Demonstrate compliance with official seed standards, using easily-accessible lab sample data analysis regarding the crop, intake, certification, and ad hoc stock checks.
  • Minimise the amount of time spent on complicated royalty calculations and ensure the risk of penalties is eliminated, with industry-tailored royalty reporting in a comprehensible format.
  • Maximise efficiency with accurate recording of production instructions for seed mixes, simultaneously updating stock and traceability records.
  • Cut-down on administrative tasks and improve accuracy for production, order processing, and stock control with special functions created for bespoke seed mixes.
  • Reduce overheads that result from maintaining product codes for different combinations of treatment, grade, and packaging and produce enquiries and reports with ease, summarised by variety, species and sub species.
  • Calculate an estimate of the as-grown quantity and use alongside position reporting functionality to speedily access an accurate over view of the availability of seed products.
  • Manage both grower contracts and complex payment schedules, all within a single system.