#PeopleInFarming Day

Published by: Primetics on: 10/07/18

Today (20th March 2018) is #PeopleInFarming Day! This has been organised by the NFU and aims to celebrate farmers and all those working in farming, their achievements, and British Farms and produce.

A social media movement

Throughout the day, people have been posting videos and pictures on Twitter, under the hashtag #PeopleInFarming, to explain what they do in farming and the part they play in putting food on our tables – or posting to support and appreciate those that do! Top posts have included praise of a 90 year old grandad still working in farming.

Pictures from a family farm on the Welsh border…

and a picture of sheep being fed in the snow on one Northumberland farm.

These people all help make up the 476,000 people who work in British farming.

“Reconnecting with the public”

According to NFU President Minette Batters, the aim of the day is to reconnect the public and all the people involved with providing their food. It aims to celebrate farmers and growers, but also their families, vets, and all the other industry roles such as technicians and agronomists. Other hashtags being used in connection with the #PeopleInFarming hashtag include #BackBritishFarming and #BritishFoodIsGreat.

In this day and age it can be easy to forget where your food comes from and all the hard work that goes into putting onto your table. We think this is a great campaign to raise awareness of the efforts of the agricultural industry in the UK and the importance of British farms.

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