KIT Commodity Trading Software

KIT Commodity Trading software supports successful trading to maximise margins, profits, and business relationships.

Developed to specifically manage the complexities and diversities of commodity trading, KIT allows you to efficiently manage contracts, control risk management, costs, financial management, shipping, and supply chain management. The end-to-end solution provides full control to effectively conclude all contracts, boosting margins and profits for successful and trading and business growth.

Complete business cycle management

KIT enables you to successfully manage the complete business process cycle from the grower or producer right through to the final customer or consumer, in one centralised system which takes into consideration the complex trading environment for maximum profitability.

Effective risk management

KIT allows you to access real-time, up-to-date trade position data to assist you in managing business risk and enabling you to analyse the risk, make informed decisions quickly which is paramount to any commodity trading especially that of perishable goods.

Complete contract management

KIT commodity management makes contract management simple and easy, with effective contract control for purchase and sale contracts, renewals, renegotiations, and rejections, including effective trade and credit limits before goods are shipped.

Central financial management

Commodity trading software from Primetics centralises all aspects of trading including financial management from purchase and sales transactions, invoicing, credit management, multi-currency sales, and fixed asset management, enabling you to strengthen financial management across your business, supporting you to lower costs and enhance profits.

Customer relationship management

The agronomy commodity features facilitate customer relationship management to support your teams to access accurate customer information in real-time, helping you to further develop and build relationships with growers or producers, and customers or consumers.

Logistics management

KIT provides you with vital end-to-end tracking for all logistical attributes across multiple sectors and borders, allowing you to see what has been sold, shipped, delivered, and more, which enables you to keep all parties within the supply chain informed and up-to-date including with any vital, associated documentation that is required.

Flexible software

KIT has been specifically designed for commodity trading and is deliberately scalable and flexible so that it can be adapted to meet with the evolving needs of your business and its trading requirements. It can be deployed across multiple sites and integrated with other business required solutions, to meet with diverse business needs.

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