Grain Management Software for Grain Merchants

The Challenge for You

Although it may have been around for a long time, commercial grain trading remains one of the most challenging global markets due to the volatility of grain prices, low margins and the unpredictability of supply at certain times. Primetics offers grain management software to aid the processes of grain tracking, grain inventory and grain accounting.

Grain marketing companies play a vital role when it comes to connecting grain growers with the markets that use this essential commodity, with both parties having their own set of requirements to be accommodated for.

Grain merchants need to be in a position to support farmers with the time-critical logistical challenges involved in transporting and storing this bulky crop.

The weather plays a key role in determining final yields and when harvest takes place, so grain merchants need to be in a position to support farmers with the time-critical logistical challenges involved in transporting and storing this bulky crop, whilst making sure that quality is protected and monitored for pricing and for pairing the crop with the right customer.

Farmers being able to obtain the highest price possible for crops, as well as the security of knowing overheads are covered, means that merchants have the power to create superb value for their grower customers. Pool marketing and risk management contracts contribute to long term relationships and therefore supply visibility.

Alongside this, supply consistency, both in term of quality and quantity, is the priority for the customer using the product. Whoever is supplying these customers needs to manage a complex logistics task to ensure complete reliability whilst simultaneously controlling costs and achieving competitive prices.

Such a broad set of requirements across so many different locations means the management of this process can be broken down into a largely manual and paper-based operation, but this will unavoidably impact on accuracy and efficiency, which creates a real risk to the reputation of the company and in turn, to profits.

Investing in the right end-to-end system reaps great rewards in the medium to long term, thanks to achieving control and an overview of the whole process, as well as facilitating an improved level of service for the farmer and for the customer.

How We Can Help You

Our grain management software and Solutions are drawn from our years of experience in the agriculture sector, providing specialist configurable and scalable functionality for every part of this sophisticated supply chain in a single system.

  • Oversee complex grower contracts to help growers manage risks and obtain optimum prices for their products whilst also ensuring transparency for the end customer in terms of supply and price.
  • Plan and implement complicated logistics operations with total visibility as regards transport options and storage facilities throughout the network.
  • Manage quality sampling and testing at large volumes to guarantee the right price is paid for each crop and to ensure onward supply of the correct grade.
  • Analyse high-quality data as time goes on in order to give grower customers valuable feedback for potential opportunities to improve in the future.
  • Achieve on-time delivery to end-customers with a full view of grain availability by grade and location.
  • Realise maximum business efficiency, reduce business risk and control costs thanks to end-to-end process management from just one system.
  • Guarantee that oil bonuses are correctly calculated for your growers.