Gold Agribusiness Management Software

Gold agribusiness management software enhances agribusinesses with all aspects of production, trading, and business processes and management, to increase efficiencies and profits through a comprehensive farm ERP system.

Used by the grain, feed, milling, and malting sectors, Gold has been specifically developed over the last 25 years with customers and industry experts, as a specialist agribusiness ERP solution. Gold enables agribusinesses to monitor, streamline, and improve all business and trading processes, such as crop production and overall management, to effectively enhance business management and maximise profits.

Strong inventory management

Gold has been specifically designed to manage all types of commodity inventories, helping you to keep track of current stock levels in real-time including; quality, quantities, locations, and deliveries, which aids effective marketing and sales. It also supports future positioning for inventories with previous growing season stats.

Effective contract management

The Gold ERP system provides effective and complete contract control including managing purchase and sales contracts, renewals and renegotiations. This helps to ensure successful contract execution and makes it easy to stay on top of contract renewals well in advance.

Full financial management

This software enables full financial management from invoicing, electronic sales and purchase transactions, to multi-currency sales and fixed asset management. All of this is carried out within a central solution and helps to ensure tighter cost controls and better overall financial management, to ensure profit margins are maximised.

Fully Configurable

Our farm management software has been specifically developed for the industry and the various requirements across managing numerous commodities but can be configured to meet with further business requirements, allowing you to make processes more effective.

Enhanced customer relationships

Gold agribusiness management software enhances customer relationships by facilitating an easy way to record and access customer information in one central system, supporting you to build relationships with customers. Plus, where enabled, customers can quickly access their account information such as; delivery dates, sample analysis, contracts, etc., ensuring they are kept up-to-date and have the right information to hand.

Effective production and distribution

The farm management solutions enables you to plan all aspects of production and supply chain management from a single solution including; stock controls, industry controls, cross-contamination checks, dispatch stages, batch traceability and tracking, all of which ensures more effective production processes.

Highly User-friendly

Gold farm ERP software has been designed and continually developed with users in mind, it is easy to get to grips with and your staff will quickly be able to see how it supports their role and makes their life easier, providing everyone with the information they need.

Talk to us today to find out more about how Gold could work for your business, and support you to improve processes and maximise profits.