Grain Trading Software – Gold Grain

The Gold Grain trading software and management system supports successful grain basis trading to maximise marketing opportunities, price, movement, and payments, to enhance the effective execution and profitability of operations both domestically and internationally.

Used by over 70% of the UK’s regional grain companies, and developed over the last twenty-five years with these customers and other industry experts, Gold Grain is a specialist grain trading ERP system. The end-to-end solution offers successful control for all aspects of trading to ensure all purchase and sales contracts are concluded effectively, and maximum profits are secured.

Strong inventory management

Gold Grain has been specifically designed to help you keep track of your current inventory including quality, quantities, locations, deliveries, and future inventories with previous growing season stats, supporting efficient marketing and sales processes for commodity and grain basis trading.

Successful trading strategies

Gold Grain supports traders to continually analyse your trade position including identifying potential opportunities and risks, and areas for supply and demand, by providing access to centralised and real-time position data, driving profitable transactions and business growth.

Effective contract management

Gold Grain management software simply and intuitively enables comprehensive contract control including effective conclusion of grain purchase and sales contracts, and renewals and renegotiations well in advance. This helps you to avoid mill rejections and the headache that goes with them for you as traders as well as the farmers and end users you deal with.

Enhanced customer relationships

Gold Grain trading software allows you to easily record and access accurate customer information within a centralised solution, supporting you to develop enhanced relationships with farmers and customers. Where permitted customers can easily access their account information including; contracts, delivery dates, sample analysis, to keep them informed, further building your customer relationships.

Customisable software

Gold Grain is specifically designed software for grain traders but is agile and flexible to enable you to add your own, specific business customisations, enabling you to improve and automate your processes. This includes any other system integrations so that all data can be shared across systems and manipulated to your benefit.

Total financial management

Gold Grain trading software provides total financial management from invoicing, electronic sales and purchase transactions, to multi-currency sales and fixed asset management, helping to bolster financial and cost management to ensure your margins are maximised.

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