Generation Seed Management Software

Generation Seed Management Software supports successful control of all business processes and provides total traceability compliance, to drive profitability and growth.

Developed by industry experts Generation is a specifically designed ERP solution for the seed industry which allows business owners to take full control of enhancing all processes, saving time and money. In addition to facilitating data quality and integrity, and supporting regulatory compliance, Generation enables seed businesses with full traceability compliance.

Accurate seed inventory management

Generation seed management software allows you to maintain and record accurate stock levels including quality, quantities, locations, and deliveries, so that you can meet with customer demands and ensure orders can be processed on time.

Centralised data management

Generation makes sure you can record all aspects of seed management within one, central system, enabling you to trace the delivery of any seed directly back to the farm and field(s) where it was produced.

Effective logistics management

Generation seed management provides effective delivery planning tools to increase accuracy and efficiencies, by ensuring that the correct product is delivered on time and in the correct place, whilst maximising multi-drop deliveries.

Total traceability compliance

The seed inventory system ensures that you have vital and total seed traceability compliance, with automatic individual transaction recording which captures all of the details and is easily accessible.

Laboratory testing management

Generation seed management system enables you to accurately record all sample and analysis details including links to production contracts, intake, certification, and more, for the successful management of the consistency and quality of all seed.

Audit management

Users in the seed industry have the capability to record and retrieve all pertinent information easily which improves your efficiencies and reduces administration when you are processing official forms and audits for the Plant Health and Seed Inspectorate (PHSI) and the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) for example.

Invoice management

Generation seed management software improves the accuracy of invoicing and self-billing, helping to reduce errors and administration costs by automatically pricing movements and applying adjustments, additions and deductions based on actual analysis and contractual terms.

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