Agribusiness Software by Primetics

Agribusinesses are under enormous pressure to remain at the forefront of the latest developments in the industry. Primetics aims to help smaller and medium-sized companies adapt and take advantage of new developments in agribusiness solutions.

We offer a number of products designed to work out of the box with your business, while also offering robust configuration options. All aspects of your business can be improved and streamlined by our advanced tools; customer service, workflow productivity and overall management. Our aim has always been to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of people and companies in the sector.

Established over 20 years ago as CAL Software, Primetics is now part of the Cultura UK group. Primetics, is the leading supplier to the agriculture and commodity trading industry.

We have been helping companies with a number of robust software solutions, including Gold Generation and KIT, for several years. Our agribusiness software is designed to save you money and help your business work smarter and more efficiently.

Our Software Solutions


ERP software that keeps your customers and suppliers in the loop about contracts, financial information and movements. All parties will spend less time on journal entries, checking accounts and deposits.


Transparency and up-to-date tracking software that ensures you, your suppliers and your customers know exactly how far along a delivery is. Provides real-time and accurate information that is easily accessible by all parties.


An integrated solution that streamlines and centralises the key areas of mill management. Sales order processing, purchasing and trading administration and sales and marketing are just some areas taken care of.


Our software allows you to easily manage the grain trading, processing and exporting of commodities in a more efficient and productive manner. The multi-currency system supports your international trading.


It is essential that you have crop and seed production software that is easy to use and allows you to manage the operation effectively. Scalable and offering extensive configuration options.


Primetics software helps at all stages of your operation, including at the point of sale. Important data gathering keeps sales and inventory in harmony to ensure no supply shortages.

Crop Inputs

Make sure that you record and keep track of exactly what is going into your crops. An essential area of data gathering for both organic and non-organic farmers.

Stock Management

Primetics software makes certain that you know exactly how much stock you have at all times. Track stock movement and stock levels in real time, from grain tracking to animal feed, and everything else.

Agribusiness Software To Improve Productivity

The aim of Primetics has always been to help agribusinesses improve their productivity and competitiveness. Our solutions are designed to help you get ahead in the industry by streamlining your processes and ensuring you can effectively manage the various aspects of your business. We are specialists in agribusiness and our software reflects this, designed with the specific context of agriculture in mind. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure our solution matches your business requirements.

Primetics agribusiness software comes with the following features to enhance your company’s day to day processes:

  • Document Storage
  • Reporting
  • Workflow
  • Communications
  • Contract Management
  • Finance
  • Consultancy
  • CRM